• Schools Out, Mental Health’s In

    July is here! For most students this means the joys of time off from school. 2-3 months of a decrease in obligation and responsibility. Also, a time to rest and re-charge. While the respite may be necessary it is important to be mindful of the impacts so much free-time can have. Here some impacts summer break may have on your child and some tips to support their overall well being during this time.

    While stressors may be decreased during summer break (peer pressure, test anxiety, bullying, etc) other stressors may now present themselves (disturbance in sleep hygiene, increased screen time, decrease routine, isolation, etc.) You can support your chid by keeping them engaged in a routine that feels fun and enjoyable for them. Perhaps supporting their hobbies, volunteering, or even a part-time job (age dependent). Supporting mindfulness and proper sleep hygiene can be helpful as well. Ensure your child maintains a sleep schedule by scheduling a bed time and wake up time (may be different that school time hours). Encouraging your child to take time away from the screen to explore nature listen to music, engage in a creative art can contribute to overall well being.

    If you notice your child is struggling in any way, it is important to have a conversation and be open to hearing how your child is feeling without judgement or expectation. The transition from school to summer break can be stressful and increased feeing of disconnection or isolation. You and your chid are not alone in this, and there are many solutions that can support your family during summer break. Please see below for some additional tips to help keep your child mental and emotional health a priority:

    • Plan fun activities
    • Schedule family time
    • Allow time for your child to socialize with peers
    • Create routine/ schedule together
    • Find balance: remember that summer break is still a time for rest and relaxation.

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