• Life Transitions for Teens

    Life Transitions for Teens

    We say goodbye to winter and hello to Spring on March 20th. The transition of seasons serves for a beautiful metaphor for the transitions that one experiences throughout their lives. Winter is often a time of slowing down, a hibernation of sorts and it is met with the growth and blooms that spring has to offer. Autumn may be seen as a time of letting go, shedding the leaves that no longer serve us and creating space for something new. Teenagers move through transitions in a similar fashion, navigating an age in which they aren’t little kids, not quite adults, expected to have a level of maturity, while also not being mature enough. Not to mention the external transitions related to school, possibly entering the workforce, relationships, and shifts in family dynamics, just to name a few.

    It can be easy for adults to shrug the transitions a teen goes through as “no big deal.” I’ve often heard from caregivers “Just wait until they get to the real world.” But the reality is, this is the real world and the transitions a teenager is going through are just as important as the transitions one experiences in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, etc. What we know to be true is that as a teenager moves through life transitions, the support and care from loved ones can make the difference in how they move through these changes. As your teenager reaches new phases of life and begins learning to navigate the world independently, I encourage you to be curious about the ways in which you can best show up to support your teen. Just as we can’t control the seasons we can’t control what life brings to us. What we can do, is decide how to show up- whether it be mittens and a coat or sunglasses and a sundress.


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    Christina E. Ojeda

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