• Coping with Loss

    Universally death is something all humans will experience. What is different amongst cultures is the way in which we grieve and mourn death. August is National Grief Awareness day which encourages us to have conversations on grief and loss. Death can bring about an array of feelings and often, in Western societies, the topic of death is something that is highly avoided. Death has become a “taboo” in Western culture which can leave us feeling ill-equipped to deal with the inevitable. This month we would like to share some ways in which you can talk about grief or support someone who may be grieving:

    • Ask for support
    • Allow yourself to feel it all- the hurt, the anger, the fear, maybe even some emotions that may feel shameful such as relief or hope.
    • Don’t be afraid to name the grief- to talk about the loved one that you or someone has lost.
    • Engage in ritual

    I would also like to remind you that grief doesn’t just pertain to death. As humans we experience many losses including the ending of a relationship, moving, we may even grieve an unrealized hope or dream. Grief can be complicated and confusing, sometimes we are grieving the loss of something we know isn’t good for us (i.e. grieving the letting go of eating disorder behaviors, self-harm behaviors, substance use). Grief is a complex experience and every part of it is valid.

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